Obesity in Men: What Triggers It?

obesity in men

Both men and women today across the world suffer from obesity issues and therefore they make sure that they go through the right diet and exercise regime that can help them shed more kilos in short time. While women are working hard to shed their extra weight, men also focus on better fitness and getting rid of their extra fat in many different ways. However, the question about obesity in men is how it triggers and how men can easily become obese and ruin their health. Here we take a quick look at some of the factors that lead to obesity in men.


In many research studies across the globe it has been found that obesity in men is triggered by stress. Millions across the world claim that men have lot of expectations and since they are the breadwinners they have to handle lot of financial pressure and other household expectations that put stress on their mind. It is also revealed that many men do not like their jobs and they often have to travel more which also leads to stress and they have to think really hard about feeding their family which ultimately takes a toll on the health.

Poor Eating Habits

Obesity in men is also triggered by poor eating habits and many studies claim that men love to eat while they are watching their favorite sports or movies. On the other hand, men who are working hard prefer to eat outside and that can ruin their health as well. Most men who are professionals commute daily and prefer to eat fast food items and that can impact their health as well. Many studies also claim that men prefer to watch lot of television and they prefer to eat something like bag of chips and popcorn while they are watching TV and that also leads to obesity.

Not Health Conscious

It has also been revealed that not many men are health conscious and therefore they are not really focused about how their food habits will affect their health. Many of them love to eat and therefore they are more concerned about what they eat than how that food is going to impact their health. Many men believe that they in good shape until they have health issues that are related to their food and improper diet. It has also been proved in some studies that men are not really conscious about dieting and controlling their body weight unless they have health issues.

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