3 Fitness Myths that You Must Know

fitness myths

The world of fitness and health is full of misinformation and therefore men often do not realize if they are benefiting from the exercises and the food that they eat. There are many men that often claim that they do not see results even when they have tried really hard to stay fit. This is usually because they are following wrong notions and ideas that do not offer them any advantage. There are many fitness myths that you will find on the internet and also in the real world. Here we take a look at 3 fitness myths that you must know for sure before you step into the fitness world.

Starvation Can Help You Lose Weight

The most common myth that you will find on the web is that you need to cut down your food intake and almost starve to cut down your weight. This is something that you have to ignore because a proper weight loss plan will tell you to continue eating the way you do, but focus on healthy food. You need to remember that when you are losing weight you also need to focus on disease prevention. If you are not consuming anything your body will lose strength and that means that you are prone to sickness and diseases. On the other hand, when you starve your body slows down the metabolism and stores your food as fat and that means that you are bound to gain more weight in the future.

You Can Target Fat Loss

There are people that believe that with proper exercises and diets you can target fat loss and therefore you can get rid of fat in the right arm and left leg and so on. Well, the fact is that you cannot target fat loss. Our body deposits fat differently based on hormonal imbalances. Now, because of these hormonal imbalances we see that some people have belly fat and some people have more fat in their legs. However, when you lose weight you lose it overall and there is no way you can target certain body areas.

No Pain No Gain

Exercising and working out does not mean that you have to work until you get pain in your muscles. This is terribly wrong and you will injure your muscles and tissues if you over-exercise and push yourself harder than you can. Make sure that you know your limits and workout only for few minutes and then gradually take the workout to the next level.

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