Why Men Should Not Starve to Lose Weight?

Obese men often take to starving themselves in order to cut down their extra weight and to lose weight quickly. While there are many sites that claim that starving can help in cutting down the excess weight, but in reality it will only do more harm and that means that you are only making the situation worse for yourself. It is recommended that men should not starve because there are many side effects that can ruin your health and make your health problems even more complicate.

Men Need More Strength

Men usually do lot of hard work and physical work and therefore men need lot of strength and stamina to handle that kind of work. Starving is not going to help much because you will lose all that strength and you will not be able to work because your body does not have the right nutrition and proteins that are required to handle the daily work that you do. Hence, you will only grow pale and weak and that will lead to more health troubles in the future.

Wrong Signal to the Body

You may be thinking that you can cut down more weight by starving but you are actually sending the wrong signal to your body and that will make the situation complicated. When you don’t eat food, you send a signal to your body that you are not going to eat in the near future as well and therefore your body stores all the food at fat in that period. This means that even while you starve you will only make more fat and that won’t resolve your weight loss problem at all.

Cravings for More Food

Most men that starve usually end up eating more food because they get more cravings for food when they eat and therefore they end up eating more. You must make sure that you eat the right food that can help you to cut down your weight and therefore you can start with some healthy breakfast that can allow you to cut down your weight naturally. You must also make sure that you eat healthy food in small portions that can help you to stay full and does not give you cravings for more food. Breakfast is good for weight loss and therefore when you eat healthy breakfast you actually lose more weight naturally and that is far better option than starving that does not really help men to lose weight.

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