Free Weights Vs Machine Weights for Bodybuilding

free weights

There are many people that would like to gain muscles and therefore they often get confused what kind of equipment and tools they should purchase. If you are a beginner you will need to buy some equipment that can help you to exercise at home as well. Many beginner bodybuilders often get confused between buying free weights and machine weights and they often buy both which is definitely going to cost more. The best way to get rid of the confusion is that you focus on what kind of exercise you do and your workout regime and buy equipment accordingly. Here we focus on the pros and cons of free weights and machine weights so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Free Weights

If you are just a learner at the moment free weights are going to be more beneficial for you because these weights have high potential for growth and they help you to build mass and strength so that you can work on machines later on. They offer you real world scenario where most of the weights are free weights and therefore you get more strength in your body and you will be able to handle more activities later on when you are at the gym. These weights are also designed to offer you greater degree of tension so you get more rigorous training with it. Free weights are small in size and therefore you can easily place them in your small urban apartment. However, free weights have high potential for injury if you are not careful with it and you might injury your muscles in the process.

Machine Weights

Machine weights are simplified machines that allow you to take control of your workouts and therefore they are simple and easy to use. There is no learning curve here because you workout as per the instructions provided on the machine weights. These machines keep you locked up in certain motion that will help you to build more muscles and strength. They offer you the comfort level that you need while you are working out compared to free weights that do not offer the same level of comfort. However, machine weights do not build raw strength in you that free weights offer and therefore you will lack that strength factor in you. While the potential to injury is low it also takes up more space and some machine weights are not designed for smaller apartments.

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